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About 3cd, LLC...


3cd, LLC is a consulting company owned and operated by Chris Humphries - an award-winning Project Manager with a long list of successful commercial projects throughout the region. Chris' effective style and unique experience combine to provide a powerful resource to 3cd's clientele. Chris started his career working for a concrete subcontractor while earning his degree at Oregon State. Chris' hard work earned him an internship at Rayson that started Chris' career in Project Management. After learning the business from his mentor Bob Aman, Chris went on to earn his PM stripes with R&H Construction. After 5 years with R&H, Chris was recruited to become Construction Manager and eventually Vice President with Birtcher Development. For about a decade, Chris oversaw land-use development applications and supervised the design and construction of public roads, buildings and tenant improvements for Birtcher. Signature projects from that era include Amberglen Business Center, Bircher Business Center Vancouver, Lane Redevelopment, and many more outstanding projects throughout the metro area. Around 2014, Chris started his consulting practice - completing a wide range of complex projects and deploying project management systems for contractors. Today, Chris is providing tools and services for clients with a wide variety of project needs. His passion for problem solving and zeal for uncommon results keep him busy and happy. If you have project needs, please reach out today.

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"...Chris listens carefully, asks good questions and then gets to work..."

Jeff Benge, CEO Benge Industries

When I need to evaluate a property or put a project team together, 3cd is my first call. Chris is super-responsive, detail oriented, and he loves the work. I don't have a lot of time to do the legwork, but I like to know the details. Chris listens carefully, asks good questions, and then gets to work. I feel like there are no suprises when Chris is looking out for me - Jeff Benge, CEO Benge Industries

"...Chris helped me get my community, staff and subcontractors to work together..."

Chris Calarco, Owner of The Breathe Building

Chris helped build a passion project - the Breathe Building, an award-winning yoga and healing center in SE Portland. Chris helped me establish a real budget and schedule, assembled a staff and set up all the procedures we needed to get the project done and done well. He helped me evaluate my return on investment, finalize my leases and helped me get my community, staff and subcontractors to work together to complete this beautiful facility - Chris Calarco, Owner Breathe Building

"...Chris is the person you want on your side of the table."

Brandon Birtcher, CEO Birtcher Development & Investments

Chris worked for me for about a decade and consistently performed at a high level and always with integrity. Chris' leadership style is collaborative, always listening first and looking for "win/win" opportunities. He is prudent with the client's time and money - always prompt to meetings, available when needed, and communicates clearly. Whether you are starting a new project, evaluating complex claims, or involved in a difficult negotiation, Chris is the person you want on your side of the table.

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