About 3CD    

Chris Humphries and Irina Sirotkina are the principal partners of 3CD, LLC. Industry specialists from the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area with extensive experience working for Owners, Developers, Contractors and Design Firms.  Their unique background provides 3CD’s clients with a multi-faceted, one-stop opportunity to carefully but quickly determine if conceptual projects will meet the financial requirements for funding. For project’s that meet funding parameters, 3CD and its strategic partners cost-effectively develop the materials necessary to get projects funded, permitted and built.  3CD provides early pricing and commitments our client’s need to get their projects off the wish list and into production.


Chris Humphries - Partner - (Resume Link)


Chris’ role in 3CD is to expedite the contracting, procurement and construction phases of our projects while ensuring safe work conditions and strict quality control standards.  Chris supervises all general administrative and site supervisory staff… see more

Irina Sirotkina - Partner / CFO / HR

Irina's role in 3CD is to ensure business is handled. She is responsible for the day to day operations, compliance, insurance, staffing and Administrative management.


Mitchell Rose - Project Engineer

Rachel Smith - Office Manager


Otis Hines - Superintendent


3CD is always seeking talented construction specialists to join our fun team. If you are a rockstar superintendent, project manager or a project engineer, we urge you to send us your resume to Careers@3cdllc.com. We offer excellent benefits, competitive salaries and great life/work balance.