Due Diligence Services

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Owner Requirements

The first prudent step of any project is to take a complete inventory of the business needs and uses for a prospective facility or improvement.  3cd is your guide through this process, helping you confirm your needs and document the capacity, features and functionality you require.  This context is then used to help you evaluate alternatives and ensure design and contracts are going to result in a project that meets your needs now and in the future.

Property & Entitlements

Today's zoning and land use regulations are full of confusing language and overlapping policies.  Let 3cd confirm how the permitting jurisdictions will view your project, any restrictions or conditions you need to consider and what options you have to secure a variance or conditional use approval.

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Land Use Permits

If the current entitlements do not outright allow your use or improvements, 3cd confirms which processes, and permits are required to secure approvals, produces achievable budgets and schedules and helps you form a team that will expedite the process.

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Investment Returns

Before you commit to your project you need to make sure it fits your investment parameters.  3cd helps you develop your cost basis, estimate rentable areas, budget the cost of improvements and evaluate the rate of return.  When the proper assumptions are confirmed and returns are favorable, 3cd prepares budgets and schedules and engages design professionals and contractors to ensure you achieve your targets.