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Dispute Support Services

Today's construction contracting environment is more challenging than ever. Design errors and omissions, poorly written agreements and ineffective communications easily create skyrocketing costs, extensive delays and an emotional nightmare.  3cd helps you avoid the common pitfalls projects can fall into. 
 Scales of Justice
Dispute Avoidance


Don't assume the boilerplate specifications will protect you or ensure you get what you need.  3cd can find and fix the errors in your design documents, provide proven templates that cover all the bases, and vet terms and attachments to ensure a complete and enforceable set of contract documents. Find out how 3cd helps you systematically reduces risk of disputes through its quality control and quality assurance services.

In court
Expert Witness


If you think you will need to pursue formal dispute resolution, you need an experienced professional to help you with the industry context, evaluate documentation and if necessary, testify on your behalf.  3cd is an effective partner in sorting out the details and an excellent public communicator.

Duck Pins
Dispute Prevention


3cd has the strategies and expertise to help you avoid disputes through your preconstruction planning, pricing and contracting materials.  Our proprietary system helps you confirm understanding, consideration and document agreement.  Our procedures help you track and communicate requirements to make sure that, if necessary, you can easily defend or pursue your position.

Keeping accounts
Dispute Preparation & Support


If you think a dispute is likely, 3cd helps you sort through your documentation, prepare timelines and help your legal team find the key documents to defend or pursue claims on your behalf.  Not only are 3cd's rates competitive or much lower than your alternatives, but our subject matter expertise helps your legal team efficiently sort through the materials they need to pursue or defend claims.  This context is invaluable to you and your legal team when developing your strategies and, if necessary, pursuing formal dispute resolution.

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