3CD Quick Start Program

3CD’s due diligence programs provide developers and real estate investors with a quick and cost-effective way to determine the feasibility, cost and schedule of a potential project.
Transform your vision into a financeable project in less than 90 days 
For more information please see our quick start brochure, downloadable here:

3DC's approach get the project to financing in 60 to 90 days for considerably less cost.


3CD delivers the preliminary work in milestones that empower you to balance your cost commitments and confidence level in the project.


3CD delivers all of the materials you need to get the project financed – including a construction cost and schedule guarantee.  Because 3CD takes the process from concept through construction, all of the materials we will produce are aligned with the cost, schedule, and quality standards required.  


Simply put you get all the benefits of a streamlined process with exceptional rigor, favorable terms and a single point of contact throughout the process.


From a clients first vision, often the challenge is finding funding for the idea. Many questions need to be answered for a lender to fund the project.


  • How much will the project cost?

  • How long will it take?

  • What does the project look like?

  • Will the project payoff in economic terms?

  • Can the be built on the available land? 


Answering these complex questions are time consuming and costly, requiring the expertise of Architects, Contractors, Estimators, Economists, Bankers and more. It's often that projects never get past this stage. 


To help Owners and Developers efficiently manage this process 3CD has developed a two part program. Which we call the "Quick Look" and "Quick Start". 


The essence of the "Quick" program is to provide due diligence services to help you determine the feasibility, cost and schedule for a potential project. 3CD offers a fixed fee with terms that minimize your out of pocket expenses until after the bank funds the project. 


A typical development process can take 5 months or longer with cost for consultants of more than $500,000. With no guarantee of the project construction cost and no guarantee the project can get financing. 

For more information on our Quick Start Program please contact 3CD at info@3cdllc.com or by phone at 1.800.317.0363. 

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