3CD Due Diligence Program

The quick and cost-effective way developers and real estate investors plan, evaluate and execute a new project

Without an experience project manager on your side, pre-development costs and avoidable delays can get expensive fast.  3CD's 25 years of experience and incremental approach help you gain confidence in the feasibility of your project before you invest in expensive designs and permits.  When you determine the project meets your objectives, 3CD helps you assemble the right team to cost-effectively design, permit and build your project.

Utilize 3cd to get the answers you need to plan, evaluate, finance and build your project with confidence:


  • Identify the property condition, zoning and design development requirements

  • Determine the most efficient layout and cost-effective construction assemblies

  • Develop accurate design, permit and construction budgets

  • Evaluate the financial return of an investment property

  • Produce achievable design, permitting, and construction schedules

  • Assemble a financing package to secure funding from lenders and investors

  • Prepare requests for proposals and that attract bids you can count on

  • Compare proposals and bids to determine the best value options.

  • Provide contract and procedural strategies that avoid additional costs, delays and disputes

In this competitive environment, time is money so you need reliable information you can act on quickly.  3CD offers a wide variety of services by the hour, by the month or by milestones achieved.

For more information about how we work together please contact 3CD at Chris@3cdllc.com