3CD’s Expertise to Expedite Your Schedule and Reduce Your Costs

Every successful project goes through the same 8 step cycle from the original vision of the project to its completion and ongoing maintenance. 3CD's diverse experience and multi-faceted skills make us uniquely suited to help any Owner, Developer deliver their vision.  With 3CD's quick start program we can accelerate your vision to a project in development in 90 days. 


Project Cycle - 3CD Quick Start Approach 

The Vision, Quick Start & Quick Look

3CD’s due diligence programs provide developers and real estate investors with a quick and cost-effective way to determine the feasibility, cost and schedule of a potential project.

Transform your vision into a financeable project in less than 90 days.



See Q Program for Additional Details.


Development & Pre-Construction

Its critically important during the development and pre-construction phase that what is drawn by the architects, designers and engineers can be built for the funds available. 


Every project will face challenges to its budget. The key is clear communication, leveraging the experience of the team to develop creative solutions to the problems.


3CD’s diverse experience in development, architecture and construction allows us to lead clear communication with the project team.  Quickly and effectively managing challenges, coming up with creative solutions with your team and minimizing miscommunication that can lead to project cost over runs.


3CD draws and specifies only what the project needs for construction; preserving the opportunity for the subcontractors and suppliers to provide efficiencies and cost-saving assemblies to each project.

Construction, Project Close Out & Continued Client Support

3CD pulls from our experiences working for architects, developers and contractors to develop our streamlined processes and procedures.

Giving​ our clients the advantages of large contractors at a much more affordable cost.

3CD's partners have all worked at large construction companies, have learned their process and apply the same processes to our projects. From paperwork to billing 3CD applies a rigorous protocol but without the expense of a large cooperate overhead.