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Available Services


Sage advice and effective project management save more than they cost.  Having an expert on your side of the table provides you with insight into a complex business and strategies to reduce risks, costs, and delays.  On call services means you can get just as much help as you want when you want it.  Contact me today to see what I can do to help you achieve your goals.

Due Diligence

Selecting and purchasing the right property for your project or business requires a complete understanding of the cost, risks, and value inherent to the property.  All of which can be affected by public ROW takings, frontage and off-site improvements, use restrictions and design overlays, access to utilities, soil types and wetlands. 


3cd's quick, cost-effective assessments help you make an informed “go / no go” decision.  This information helps you identify and investigate any potential deal breakers, structure your purchase and sale agreement and get a head start on issues that could delay your occupancy.


                             to learn how 3cd helps you reduce risk and conserve cash throughout the acquisition and permitting phase.

Construction Administration

As the Owner's representative, 3cd provides leadership and project support to ensure a timely and predictable construction phase.  This is accomplished through our commitment to:

  • Planning and Coordination of designs, permits and tasks

  • Timely and concise communication and reporting

  • Efficient approval protocols. 

3cd also serves as a liaison between the general contractor and the Owner's team of designers, inspectors, suppliers and consultants.  Owner services include scoping, contracting, approvals and design / install coordination.

Whether you want help on a task or project oversight,

                             for the expertise and tools to keep your project and team on track.


Effective design and pricing strategies reduce the cost of the initial design while protecting you from additional costs and delays for change orders.  3cd’s rigorous process ensures that:

  • Your requirements are properly described in the contract documents.

  • Designs are coordinated between design disciplines.

  • Errors or omissions are avoided or caught and corrected before pricing.


                             to expedite your project while reducing the risk of delays and change orders.

Pointing Pen and Finger on Document
Project Rescue & Dispute Support

When a project is off-track it is hard to know where to focus.  No matter where you are in the process, 3cd knows what to do next:

  • Validate your cost to date

  • Estimate the cost to complete. 

  • Prepare or validate schedule recovery plans

  • Prepare or validate delay and cost claims


Most of the time there is a way to recover and get the project back on track.  However, when a dispute is unavoidable, 3cd is on your side helping you prepare a claim or defend a dispute.  Click below to find out how 3cd can save you tens of thousands in legal fees, allow you to focus on current business and help you sleep at night. 

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