3CD’s Expertise Expedites Your Schedule and Reduces Your Costs

3CD's diverse experience and multi-faceted skills make us uniquely suited to help Owner-Operators, Developers and Real Estate Investors achieve their project objectives.  Regardless of where you are in the process, we have valuable insight, best management practices, proven templates and powerful connections that will help you avoid common pitfalls, reduce cost exposure and expedite the delivery of your project.


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Your Vision, Our Process = Less Risk, $

3CD’s due diligence programs provide developers and real estate investors with a quick and cost-effective way to determine the feasibility, cost and schedule of a potential project.


See Q Program for Additional Details.

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Avoid expensive pitfalls

Tired of paying for full documentation only to re-draw everything to take advantage of value engineering and cost saving opportunities?  3CD helps you avoid paying twice for your drawings. With 3cd's guidance, design documents have what you need to get your permit and bids you can count on - while accommodating the cost saving ideas that come during the pricing phase.


3CD’s expertise, templates and procedures anticipate and avoids errors that would otherwise increase your costs and delay your project.  Our experience and relationships with like-minded professionals deliver projects we work on faster, and at a lower cost.



We set it up and knock it down

A well-planned project is fun to be involved with.  Our preconstruction work is complemented with a rigorous process for the construction phase with timely and clear communication, reliable schedules and fewer hassles.